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It’s almost midnight when you keep on losing papers and pens


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Help !!!! I’m looking for my sleep, did you see it ?? I really need it right now.

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.

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Good reasons to use sticky notes and why they are useful for me:
- I use them to remember things, and I stick them to folders, my computer, even to the refrigerator. This way I always remember important things. (I forget things really quickly…)
- Sticky notes are a blessing and I use them to keep track of all my tasks too, like homework, reading and other stuff I need for school.
- I use them to mark places on my textbooks, and when I do it I use smaller ones. I do it on my binders too, so I can organize them better.
- Sometimes I stick it to people’s backs with stupid sayings, but that’s really not important and a bad idea — jump this one, just keep reading
- Other nice thing is to use them to write motivational and happy things, like studying, hardwork and inspirational quotes, little drawings or anything like that.
- I also sometimes use them for reminding other people of things, like “don’t touch my food” and stick it to a little box inside the refrigerator. (People don’t listen anyways, but this could work for you)
So yeah, just if you need some tips to organize your school life or anything like that, here’s my advice! Sticky notes are your best friends just use them okay
Good luck! xx

I must remember this for chemistry lol

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ahh-hay asked:

what do each of your highlighters mean? can you make a key or something? thanks

done :) 

What my highlighters mean ?

Hello everyone ! I had a lot of request to do this article, so here it is ! 

Let’s start

The Yellow and the Green highlighters are the most used. Usually I take the Yellow at school, to highlight what the teacher thinks what’s important. There are 2, because I personally think there are several secondary ideas in a text or in a lesson.

The Orange is for every number I really need to learn. Dates, important figures, etc… Don’t highlight every number you see. 

The Blue is the one of the most important function ! The main idea. Generally it’s the sentence that can resume perfectly a paragraph. I use this highlighter also for the definition. 

The Purple, I use it when an example can be very useful to understand the notion or the theory, it can be interesting to incorporate this example in a dissertation.

The Pink is optional, I don’t use it very often. Its function is to separate ideas of the text (titles, linking words…). To make some section to study one by one. 

The Fuschia, for problematics. This is the common thread you mustn’t forget.

The Coral, important names, concept, theory, law… 

The Dark green, conclusion of a text or a lesson, not to be confused by “main idea”. Or for significants reasoning an author or a theory. 

I DON’T USE EVERY HIGHLIGHTERS AT SCHOOL. If I really need to make a dissertation very organised I use this method ! And if I want to learn a lesson, same, I don’t use each highlighters (just 3-4, necessary ones). You don’t need to have every colours, but I personnaly recommand a code for 3-4 highlighters :). 

Hope you find it usefull !! 

(sorry again for my english, I’m so tired right by all my homework so sorry for my careless errors).